Man-At-Arms Helmet

Here’s a project using pieces that Mattel sent me at no cost. I know, just another Man-At-Arms helmet made out of construction bricks — seems like you can’t swing a battle cat on the Internet without hitting one of these nowadays. But this is my attempt at the helmet, so enjoy the pics! For aContinue reading “Man-At-Arms Helmet”

Portrait of Stratos

He-Man’s flying friend with the groovy Elton John specs. A handful of blue pieces that Mattel sourced for me at no charge were used to make this project. Stratos belongs to “Old Bolty Portraits,” and is No. 1 in the series. Because we’ll just say this is a thing now and then figure out laterContinue reading “Portrait of Stratos”

The Hurtbringer

Skeletor figured that one blade on a vehicle was good, but two grinding blades on a vehicle would bring the hurt in a new way. Behold the evil warriors’ Hurtbringer: To film a couple of quick video clips, I affixed a webcam to a separately built Roller Googly, pictured below.


Parts that Mattel provided to me at no cost were used to complete this project. Evil Lyn has acquired a special outfit that legend tells is able to summon some Monster with High magical capabilities! (I think she’s going to keep this costume and re-brand herself ‘Emo Lyn.’) The beasts that appear are a pairContinue reading “Basher”

Evil Robot

Evil Robot. Only one dreadful creation on Eternia could be known by that name! I built him based on a catalog image for a MOTU toy that ultimately wasn’t released. Evil Robot is armed with evil gun and evil shield. Battle Cat doesn’t much care for evil robots messing with him!

Mount Dread

The Point Dread playset from @MegaConstrux doesn’t just need to go on top of Castle Grayskull! Here’s a structure I made, inspired by a scene from the Point Dread minicomic. Zodac and Faker are doing the ol’ cat-and-mouse chase around Mount Dread on their personal fliers, until Battle Cat sees his chance to take outContinue reading “Mount Dread”


And here comes a flying vehicle, built mostly out of Wind Raider pieces, that Skeletor will use to assault He-Man and his allies! This is my version of the Doombuster craft which made appearances on the classic animated show. An access hatch lifts off as shown below. Skeletor operates the ship from this pilot’s compartment.Continue reading “Doombuster”

Treat Jaw

Trap Jaw’s cranium will hold your Trick or Treat goodies for you! I guess there could be some elaborate backstory as to how Trap Jaw became a giant hollow head with a carrying handle. But he doesn’t seem to mind, so I’ll skip it.


Thanks to Mattel for sending me a box of pieces for building MOTU projects! The Pegasus-themed vehicle in this gallery was built in part using products provided to me for free. This is an original MOTU vehicle for two. I have named it MEGASUS. Teela has embarked on a test flight with Adam, when whoContinue reading “Megasus”


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