Federation cruiser

Mostly made from pieces from the 2016 Enterprise (NCC-1701) set from Mega Bloks, here’s a ship for the Star Trek universe, but not any particular one from a show or movie.

The U.S.S. Vernal’s mission is to patrol and defend Federation worlds and colonies in and around Sector 306. This vessel’s captain is the only member of Starfleet native to Rho Exo VII, the planet of sentient llamas.

Man-At-Arms Helmet

Here’s a project using pieces that Mattel sent me at no cost. I know, just another Man-At-Arms helmet made out of construction bricks — seems like you can’t swing a battle cat on the Internet without hitting one of these nowadays. But this is my attempt at the helmet, so enjoy the pics!

For a little bonus, I made an extra attachment for the front of the helmet. This represents the 2002 action figure Samurai Man-At-Arms! The attachment easily pops on and off.


Parts that Mattel provided to me at no cost were used to complete this project.

Evil Lyn has acquired a special outfit that legend tells is able to summon some Monster with High magical capabilities! (I think she’s going to keep this costume and re-brand herself ‘Emo Lyn.’)

The beasts that appear are a pair of giant Sula nebouxii — the scientific name of a certain blue-footed Earth bird. Lyn tries getting them to attack the heroic warriors, but they start doing a dance instead, so the heroes easily get away. These beasts soon turn on Lyn!

Probably they’re hungry.

Meanwhile, Skeletor has brought his new vehicle onto the scene! A two-seater with rocket engines, capable of high-speed missions in the air as well as on land, this Basher also has an in-dash entertainment system and optional cupholders.

The Basher’s battering ram might just be enough to overwhelm He-Man!!