Parts that Mattel provided to me at no cost were used to complete this project.

Evil Lyn has acquired a special outfit that legend tells is able to summon some Monster with High magical capabilities! (I think she’s going to keep this costume and re-brand herself ‘Emo Lyn.’)

The beasts that appear are a pair of giant Sula nebouxii — the scientific name of a certain blue-footed Earth bird. Lyn tries getting them to attack the heroic warriors, but they start doing a dance instead, so the heroes easily get away. These beasts soon turn on Lyn!

Probably they’re hungry.

Meanwhile, Skeletor has brought his new vehicle onto the scene! A two-seater with rocket engines, capable of high-speed missions in the air as well as on land, this Basher also has an in-dash entertainment system and optional cupholders.

The Basher’s battering ram might just be enough to overwhelm He-Man!!

Mount Dread

The Point Dread playset from @MegaConstrux doesn’t just need to go on top of Castle Grayskull! Here’s a structure I made, inspired by a scene from the Point Dread minicomic.

Zodac and Faker are doing the ol’ cat-and-mouse chase around Mount Dread on their personal fliers, until Battle Cat sees his chance to take out the devious Faker once and for all!

Battle Cat’ll getcha if you don’t watch out!


And here comes a flying vehicle, built mostly out of Wind Raider pieces, that Skeletor will use to assault He-Man and his allies! This is my version of the Doombuster craft which made appearances on the classic animated show.

An access hatch lifts off as shown below. Skeletor operates the ship from this pilot’s compartment.


The Tower that Eats People

So, when Mega Construx sent me a box of free pieces earlier this month, I’d already divulged that one of my aims in this hobby was to build a certain tower from the vintage Masters toy line.

They were kind enough to make sure that box contained lots and lots of blue bricks in a variety of types that would be useful for this tower. Big thanks to Mega for the hookup!

So, here’s the finished product!

The arms, attached by ball joints, can rest in an unassuming pose or they can grab figures, which can then get gobbled up by the lioness head!

Earlier this year, one of the first customs I attempted was the Grayskull Tower. This Central Tower measures at almost 14 inches tall, a few inches over the Grayskull Tower.

Now, I was only concentrating on the front-facing side of the tower. The other side’s a bit of a mess, consequently. But I’ll show it here anyway.

For an additional challenge, I wanted to see if I could make a cool alternate head. The feline head (complete with hinged jaw) can change out with this yellow one.

My general idea there came from the “warrior ring” that was in the vintage MOTU toy line. The proportions didn’t quite get there, I admit. But it could be the Central Tower’s face as it’s corrupted by evil, nonetheless.

And that concludes my presentation! Those bags of pieces I showed up top? They’re not empty yet! So … more MOTU customs on the drawing board! Watch this space — and good journey!


Thanks to Mattel for sending me a box of pieces for building MOTU projects! The Pegasus-themed vehicle in this gallery was built in part using products provided to me for free.

This is an original MOTU vehicle for two. I have named it MEGASUS.

Teela has embarked on a test flight with Adam, when who else but the wily Skeletor comes along and attacks with the TRI-POD.

The swift Megasus evades a laser from Skeletor’s sneak attack! Circling around on its wing-mounted jets’ power, Megasus launches a capture cord to snag Skeletor! Our heroes fly Skeletor off to face justice and park their vehicle on land once again.


Here is a walking vehicle I built for one of the Evil Warriors of the planet Eternia. Can you guess who?

The spinning blade is of course from the Roton set, and so the three eyes can rotate around. The intended driver for this vehicle hasn’t come out yet (he’ll be a pack-in figure in the Battle Ram set coming at some point in the future from Mega Construx), so Skeletor’s testing it out for him.

The guns can be pointed in various directions. The vehicle can stand at its full height (about 7 inches) or the legs can be splayed out for some more threatening-looking stances. It’s also possible to pose the craft with one of its feet up in the air, as Man-At-Arms is finding.