Castle Grayskull, as custom-built by Old Bolty-Neck

Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog!

In this post, I’ll show off my Castle Grayskull project, made with Mega Construx bricks. Mega Construx has an official Castle Grayskull build, and that’s fantastic for folks who like to follow directions. I felt like making my own version, and here it is.

In the complete image gallery below, you might notice that I have also built a lighthouse as well as a Grayskull Tower (from the Eternia Playset) just to fill out the diorama a bit.

And also the Dragon Walker vehicle. Basically all my current builds with MCX Castle Grayskull bricks are shown here.

I don’t know what those light-gray statue pieces are, that I put in the balconies. They were included in an eBay set of used Mega Bloks product that I bought recently.

The fireball effects in the eye sockets can be posed in various directions, and they can optionally plug into the eye sockets in case the castle needs to defend itself from enemies.

The idea here was to try making Castle Grayskull look somewhat similar to Mark Texeira’s art in some of the MOTU minicomics. One example is below. Although you can’t make out too much detail, the proportions were what I was mainly focusing on. I liked the added sense of height that is gained by having the skull’s features set so high, for instance.

As of this writing, the Talon Fighter and Point Dread set from Mega Construx hasn’t been released yet. I look forward to building that (and seeing what modifications I might be able to cook up for Point Dread especially)!

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