The Tower that Eats People

So, when Mega Construx sent me a box of free pieces earlier this month, I’d already divulged that one of my aims in this hobby was to build a certain tower from the vintage Masters toy line.

They were kind enough to make sure that box contained lots and lots of blue bricks in a variety of types that would be useful for this tower. Big thanks to Mega for the hookup!

So, here’s the finished product!

The arms, attached by ball joints, can rest in an unassuming pose or they can grab figures, which can then get gobbled up by the lioness head!

Earlier this year, one of the first customs I attempted was the Grayskull Tower. This Central Tower measures at almost 14 inches tall, a few inches over the Grayskull Tower.

Now, I was only concentrating on the front-facing side of the tower. The other side’s a bit of a mess, consequently. But I’ll show it here anyway.

For an additional challenge, I wanted to see if I could make a cool alternate head. The feline head (complete with hinged jaw) can change out with this yellow one.

My general idea there came from the “warrior ring” that was in the vintage MOTU toy line. The proportions didn’t quite get there, I admit. But it could be the Central Tower’s face as it’s corrupted by evil, nonetheless.

And that concludes my presentation! Those bags of pieces I showed up top? They’re not empty yet! So … more MOTU customs on the drawing board! Watch this space — and good journey!

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