Parts that Mattel provided to me at no cost were used to complete this project.

Evil Lyn has acquired a special outfit that legend tells is able to summon some Monster with High magical capabilities! (I think she’s going to keep this costume and re-brand herself ‘Emo Lyn.’)

The beasts that appear are a pair of giant Sula nebouxii — the scientific name of a certain blue-footed Earth bird. Lyn tries getting them to attack the heroic warriors, but they start doing a dance instead, so the heroes easily get away. These beasts soon turn on Lyn!

Probably they’re hungry.

Meanwhile, Skeletor has brought his new vehicle onto the scene! A two-seater with rocket engines, capable of high-speed missions in the air as well as on land, this Basher also has an in-dash entertainment system and optional cupholders.

The Basher’s battering ram might just be enough to overwhelm He-Man!!

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